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In case you missed our emails about it, there’s still time to apply to be on the LondonHCSTN STP board next year. Just click here and fill out the form by the end of Friday 6th July.

Not sure whether being involved with managing the network is your kind of thing, or why it would be useful to apply? Read on to see what Louisa Ive, our current co-chair and final year STP Genetics trainee has to say about her experiences over the last few years:

Louisa Ive – Co-Chair 17/18 Year 3 STP Genetics

“I joined the LondonHCSTN in the summer of 2016 as I was finishing my first year of training. Since then, the network has really gone from strength to strength.

Being a part of the development of such a fantastic organisation, first as a member of the events team and later as Co-Chair, has been one of the best parts of my trainee experience. The running of the network truly is a team effort, and everyone is encouraged to take part in all aspects of what we do, from attending external events to organising socials and planning professional development opportunities.

The opportunity to work directly with Health Education England and the NSHCS on everything from workforce planning to curriculum updates has really developed both my communication and negotiation skills. This was a real ‘selling point’ when applying for post-STP positions. With a standardised programme such as the STP, it is important to take steps to set yourself apart from other trainees in such a competitive job market.

Aside from opportunities for personal development, being a board member has been invaluable in ticking off those professional practice competencies. Above all, I’ve loved working with such a great group of people and am immensely proud to have been a part of all the work we do to support trainees.”

You can find further details on what the roles involve in our flyer here. We hope to see many of your applications soon!

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