ReachOut for Healthcare Science

The 19-23rd June saw the now well established ReachOut for Healthcare Science event come to London. I helped out at the event at Kings College London, where over 100 year 10 school children passionate about science spent a week at the University and local hospitals. The aim of the week, similar to those held at Imperial and UCL, is to provide the eager budding healthcare scientists with the chance to:

  • Experience life in busy London hospitals
  • Meet scientists working in Healthcare
  • Take part in a wide range of practical activities in different areas of healthcare science
  • Gain confidence in their ability to enter a career in healthcare science
  • Experience life and study in a university environment
  • Find out what is required to follow a career in healthcare science

Over 70 Healthcare Scientists across King’s Health Partners alone delivered hands on sessions including controlling robots via Xbox, extracting DNA from tomatoes, learning CPR and defibrillation skills and using virtual reality and MRI scanning as tools in assessing mental health. The event culminated in a poster competition at the end of the week, where in groups the pupils created and presented a poster from their chosen favourite specialism.

The events across London were all a great success, so thank you to any of you trainees out there involved in planning or delivering sessions! It is a great event, so look out for next year’s and mention it to your supervisors if you’d like to get involved!

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