Trainee OSFA Workshop 2018

Another thank you to all of those trainees who attended our OSFA event in May, we hope you found it as useful and informative as we all did!

Just a brief summary of the event for those who couldn’t make it, and for those who are considering attending next year’s event, here’s what it entailed:

  • A great introduction to station writing by Dr Liz Ralph, providing a detailed insight into what goes into writing the OSFA questions and mark scheme and the vigorous process and work that goes into ensuring all questions are fair, evidence-based and an appropriate difficulty.


  • Dr Liz Ralph alongside a colleague acting as a patient demonstrated the type of professional practice scenario that might be asked. In this case, the scenario was that of providing the acting patient with details of a research study that they had opted to be involved in. The main goal of this scenario was to obtain informed consent from the patient having provided all of the relevant details of the study and addressing the questions of the patients.


  • Q&A session with five of the OSFA trainers from different specialisms provided trainees with the opportunity to ask any burning questions about the OSFAs to those trainers who are involved in the question writing process.


  • In small groups of 2-3, trainees wrote their own OSFA questions based on the professional practice competencies, providing all of the relevant information for answering the question to the student, all of the relevant information for marking the student to the assessor and acting instructions for the actor (if involving an actor). This also included writing a mark scheme for the assessor, together with guidelines for what marks the student should receive based on the detail of the given answer.


  • Trainees were then given the opportunity to rotate around the written questions in their groups with approximately 20 minutes per station, with the guidance on answering these questions from the OSFA trainers.


  • A final talk was given by Dr Cloutman-Green, Lead Healthcare Scientist at GOSH and an OSFA assessor, giving trainees further opportunity to discuss any OSFA concerns, and to gain further insight into the assessor’s point of view during the OSFAs!


Following feedback from the trainees who attended, we aim to act on this for next year’s event and try to meet the demand of the ever-growing STP network! Get in contact if you have any suggestions, and especially if you want to join our organising board.

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