Healthcare Science Week – Skipton House Event

Our trainees represented the LondonHCSTN at NHS England’s (NHSE) London headquarters at Skipton House – during HCS week!

By Catherine Redshaw

The NHSE London Scientific Director and Lead Healthcare Scientists from around the region invited us to run a lunchtime stall at NHS England’s London headquarters at Skipton House during Healthcare Science (HCS) week 2019! Harriet, Stef and I went along to demonstrate the work of the trainee network board and represent clinical science trainees from each of our specialisms

This was an excellent opportunity to promote the work of HCS and was a really enjoyable day. It was interesting to hear how little some of the attendees (up to exec level in NHS England) knew about HCS and the route into our role. Especially considering healthcare scientists make up 5% of the workforce! We definitely made the most of this opportunity to promote HCS and the STP.

To promote cardiac science, I brought along some images of blocked coronary arteries and equipment, including stents, that would be used to treat this.  I also had some pacemakers and a defibrillator to show how we would help treat cardiac rhythm problems.

Harriet promoted the work of vascular science by displaying clear ultrasound images of veins and arteries from all around the body. Vascular science helps with the diagnosis and prognosis of all kinds of disease, including strokes!  

Stef hosted a fun interactive quiz about clinical genetics keeping a score board so we could congratulate the winner at the end!  

Stef, Harriet and I manning the LondonHCSTN stall

Other stalls included healthcare scientists from many specialisms. These consisted of audiology, who were performing hearing tests and genomics who were demonstrating DNA extraction using strawberries.  There was even an extract from award winning play ‘Nosocomial’ which used theatre to communicate the essential work of healthcare scientists in the NHS.

Scene from Noscomial

These interactive lunchtime sessions are simple but effective ways of getting the word out about healthcare science! To see more from HCS Week 2019 checkout #HCSWeek2019 on Twitter.  

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