Winter Training Event 2016

On 14th December, we held our 2016 STP Winter Event. It was a great event with STPs across all year groups and spanning a wide range of specialisms.

In the morning we practiced communication skills, explaining to our groups how our specialism contributes to the diagnosis and monitoring of clinical cases. Then Dr Fiona Lethbridge (Senior Press Officer, Science Media Centre) and Katrina Nevin-Ridley (Director of Communications, Genomics England) gave fantastic communication skills and media engagement talks!

Next we had a themed session: the role of healthcare science in trauma pathways. Exciting talks summarised the work of specialisms, many thanks to Lisa Garrison (Senior Clinical Scientist, St George’s Hospital) and current STP trainees, Louisa Ive (Genetics, St George’s Hospital), Amy Bolsworth (Vascular Sciences, Barts Health) and Sarah Blow (Histopathology & Immunology , Hammersmith Hospital).

In the afternoon, trainees took part in a intense ethics training workshop from Dr Kimberly Gilmour (Clinical Lead for Immunology, Great Ormond Street Hospital). This interactive session covered topics such as consent, confidentiality, respect and the guidelines we must all adhere to as healthcare scientists. Finally, we heard from the London and South East Professional Development Team about the support that is available for STP trainees during their training. Once again, thank you to all of our speakers and attendees that made the day a great success.

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