Board Meeting Summary – 7th August 2019

A handover is a bitter-sweet moment. The previous LondonHCSTN board members said their  final goodbyes after an eventful and successful year. Keep an eye on our website and social media for official introductions to the new faces of your LondonHCSTN board. After introductions and icebreakers facilitated by our Co-Chairs (Laura Margetts and Emily O’Neill), the board meeting was back to business as usual.

The LondonHCSTN is still in talks with Health Education England (HEE) for financial support of our big events, particularly the OSFA workshop. We are hoping this will mean more resources for supporting as many trainees as possible to attend these popular events in the future.

We’re weeks away from the 2019 intake of STP trainees starting their journey. Planning for our annual welcome event is well under-way. We’re also kicking off recruitment to our buddying scheme in September. Regardless of which stage you are in your training, support is especially valuable from those facing the same challenges.

Have you seen our #FridayFacts on Twitter and Instagram yet? We’re bringing more content in the form of takeovers. The aim is to promote Healthcare Science as a profession We have the most impact the more people know we exist, so oil the gears of the NHS and give us a like!

New trainees should come and say hello at the Birmingham Induction day – we have a stand where you can learn about the trainee network, or life. If you’re attending the LondonHCSEd 2019, we’ll be hosting a workshop on MSc project development. We’re very excited, not least because this event was a highlight for us last year. 

Finally, we’re designing our STP experience survey to send out in the coming weeks. It’s a short form and your responses make a big difference. The information is aggregated and fed back to HEE and the National School for Healthcare Science to improve experiences for all current and future trainees.

Nana Mensah
Board Member
London Healthcare Scientist Trainee Network

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